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Together Magazine 01

Together Magazine 01

Together Magazine is a digital collection of Poetry, exclusive Images and Live Performances. It also includes access to Behind The Scenes Content to my work and a Podcast Interview Episode all about my art and music, creative process and queerness.

I have always wanted to pair a new music release (‘Together’ in this case) with a magazine. I need connection, that’s why my album is called ‘Together’, and I want to extend that connection through these pages with you.

What you will get: 

Access to a digital online magazine (no shipping, all online) including: 

- Poetry
- 2 Live Performances 
- 45 Minute Podcast Interview 
- Exclusive Images and Polaroids 
- Behind The Scenes look into the way I work 
- In-Depth Lyric Deep Dive into Together & Salt 
- Access to Private Instagram Story for more Behind the Scenes Content 
- And More! 

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